About Us

Walker Defense Research:
Innovation for Combat & Competition

CAGE Code: 86JX2

Walker Defense Research LLC (WDR) officially launched in 2017 in Mesa, AZ seeking to provide American shooters with the finest, most innovative tactical accessories and firearm components. At WDR, innovation is not a buzzword we throw around - it's our entire focus. Innovation and performance are required to be at the core of every released product. As is evident by our first product, the NERO 556 muzzle brake for the AR15, unconventional design and undeniable performance echoes our design philosophy.

More importantly than what you make, is what you stand for. Here at WDR, we have no problem telling you exactly what that is. We are unwavering supporters of the 2nd Amendment and therefore consider it an honor to supply US shooters - whether civilian, law enforcement, or military - with highly-innovative tactical weapon accessories proudly made here in the USA.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order, please feel free to contact us.